Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Minute Men

A taboo NO man wants to talk about is a mighty common one at that-premature ejaculation. An embarrassment that many live with. I was horrified to read the average man only lasts 5 1/2 minutes! UNACCEPTABLE! Some of my favorite phone sex calls are small penis humiliation calls, they are so utterly amusing and easy, and guess what they very commonly go hand in hand with? You guessed it, premature ejaculation.

I always assumed most men are in a hurry since they grew up furtively masturbating in bathrooms or their rooms always worrying someone would be questioning what was taking them so long in there, and indeed, I do think a great deal of that is to blame. But going back in time to the cave man, when predators were around every corner and you had to flee at a moments notice, it makes sense that you’d get things over with as fast as possible so you could fight or flee. If you’re in the middle of fucking as a cougar comes walking into your cave, you’re not going to be as fast on the attack as if you weren’t fucking, would you now…

Well the days of evading cougars in caves is long past us and now we can usually relax and enjoy ourselves, but they guys are still barely clocking past 5 min. There are techniques that guys can use to train themselves to last longer. I have told countless callers how to train themselves and get over this. It CAN be overcome, if they are willing to put in the time and the practice to do so. Sex is not a race. I can’t believe how many people I tell that too. You’d think people were banging on their doors and they had to do it as fast as possible. Research online the various techniques to overcome premature ejaculation and you and your partner will thank you!

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