Saturday, January 24, 2015

Too Much Of A Good Thing

There can be too much of a good thing. Too big of a cock can be as much of a handicap as too small a one. A man called me this evening with the tale that he was so big he’d been unable to ever fuck a woman. He even sent me a picture. Well I didn’t have the heart to tell him with my suspicious nature that I immediately looked up the pic on reverse pic look up and found it on many porn sites, but his point could be true even if it wasn’t really him.

In reality, he likely had a 3 inch penis and got excited  by girls talking to him about a big dick. Sad really, but I’ve heard it before for sure. One had me laughing heartily when he said his cock was so long he tucked it into the top of his sock. Guess he had 4 inch legs…

There are extremes in nature though, and there are men with cocks the size of a pea and ones the size of a forearm, variations of all descriptions exist. And this character was droning on and on about his cock that was bigger around in girth than a wine bottle. It was all I could do not to burst out laughing and call him out on “his” pic that he sent during the call he wanted me to look at.

Poor souls, their fantasies are all many of them have. How can I burst his bubble and tell him the jig is up? I can’t, it’s not in my own self interest to do so, so I play along and tell him how I sympathize with his tragic plight of being given too much by Mother Nature.

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