Saturday, January 17, 2015

Do I Creep You Out?

How many of us have looked up an ex online, or at the very least someone who we were crushing on? *Hand raised*…Thought so. In today’s world, it’s so beyond easy to look people up online, makes you wonder how the stalkers of yesteryear got on now, doesn’t it? Think of the legwork the poor bastards had to go to! And here we can cyber stalk with ease from the comfort of our homes.

Facebook is a stalkers dream, pics by the hundreds, people so narcissistic in their shallow lives they have all their pics on display for the world to see, as the stalkers look at the most intimate and minute details of their lives. I have heard of ex’s checking on a former lovers page every few hours to see if new details for them to obsess over have been added.

A lot of people do get stalked, not just celebrities, everyday people that just happen to have attracted an odd sort.   I had a minor incident myself a few years ago with a man across the street. Every time I went outside to do yard work, he’d appear outside soon afterward to sit in his chair and watch. He came over once and asked me out and I politely declined, but he was always watching, to the point if he came out, I’d go back inside. One day there was a pounding on my door and I thought it was a friend and this nut was at the door declaring his love for me. Except for turning down his invitation the year before, all of around 5 sentences, I’d never said a word to him. I backed into the house and was grateful when he moved away in the next year or so.

It’s creepy to get unwanted attention from someone, and if they know your full name, believe me, they are searching…It’s so easy to find facts out online, and so many have so much on display for the entire world to see about themselves. Some are practically bonafide celebrities they are so well known online. From their pics, to their videos they make on Youtube, their blogs and of course their Facebook pages. Some are so bold as to be on naughty sites with full nude pictures.

One of my favorite songs from the 80′s by The Police, Every Breath You Take, if you listen to the lyrics, it’s totally a stalker song!

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