Friday, January 16, 2015

Period Sex

A taboo for some women is having sex during their period. Ones used to be sent to caves during their time of the month, even the bible speaks of women not being touched during this time or they and the ones they lay with will be “unclean”. Not all guys are into it either.
It’s up to the people involved obviously. I have talked to many about this topic, some guys don’t care, others don’t want to, same with the ladies, some don’t mind, others do not feel fresh enough to get intimate during this time.

For some it is a fetish, I haven’t had that many calls from guys that were into this, but I have had a few for sure. There is period porn out there for ones really wanting to see the nitty gritty shall we say. I’m convinced no matter the topic, there’s porn out there for it if you look hard enough. One cam girl I know has masturbating during her period videos available, so obviously there’s a market for them, or they wouldn’t have been made in the first place.

You can certainly get horny during your period, there’s no doubt about that. If it’s beyond the having cramps stage where you’re crying curled up in a ball from the pain, I have no problem with playing during that time of the month, but for some cramps can be some painful, sex is the last thing you want any part of, but once that’s passed, I’m good to go….

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