Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sex Outside

Many men seem to be exhibitionists by nature and love to have sex outdoors. Beaches seem to be the place where it seems most natural to be doing it outdoors. Most getting caught for public nudity and indecency don’t seem to be getting caught in their own backyards, they seem to like the risk of getting caught. Parks, beaches, in cars parked in semi public areas, these are all places of high interest to ones in this hobby. Balconies as well.

Many call from cars and semi public places, I recall years ago being parked next to a car with a guy in it that was jerking off, looking around , yet I was in the next car, barely an arms length away! Yet there he was arm going up and down, parked right next to the door of a grocery store as I waited inside the for my mom to finish shopping, and he continued to go on with his masturbating.

Every summer you read some report online of some couple that was spotted having sex on some balcony in plain view of others, it is so common place. I mean as long as they aren’t going at it on the table in the mall food court, who are they hurting by going at it on a balcony?

Well of course, “What if the children saw?” Well, what if they did, you steer them away and say that’s what grown ups do to play. Get over it! So let’s all go outside and have some semi public fun if that’s your thing. Just make sure you’re not going to get busted by the cops, because that could be embarrassing to be arrested for that. Imagine telling your mom and your boss when they see the write-up in the paper under the “In the courts” section. Could get a wee bit awkward.

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