Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Is That A Honeydew Melon In Your Pants?

Just when you think you have heard and read it all, you come across something so odd, you can’t believe your eyes. I came across something called “Scrotal Infusion”. Now what may you ask is scrotal infusion? It’s where a man decides his balls are just a wee bit small and he’d like something bigger to impress the ladies.

And what do you think he does to increase their size? An implant operation? No. Eating more Wheaties to get his manly strength up? No. Well I will tell you what he does, he gets an I.V. bag, and a tube and a needle and injects fluid into his balls. I kid you not. If done properly, in time, over a few days, the fluid of saline solution will become absorbed by the body, so I guess he just needs to plump up his boys before a hot date, really…

Well big shocker here, some geniuses that have tried this have done it improperly and had their balls swollen up very badly and needed to get medical help when their bodies didn’t absorb the fluid. I read of one case where a man had injected 2 litres, that’s 8 cups, 4 cups per ball, of fluid. It’s unbelievable anyone would try such a thing, but do they really think women want a guy with testicles the size of basketballs? Really?

I will never forget an odd caller that spoke lovingly of a man he wanted yet never got and how his testicles were “The size of honeydew melons.” As I tried very hard to suppress laughter as this man waxed poetic on another man’s cock and balls for over 2 hours, I couldn’t believe all that I was hearing. Holding that laughter back on that call was incredibly hard. From the tip of his cock that was, “Like the tip of a jeweled scepter”, to the honeydew melon sized balls, I couldn’t believe my ears for the most part at the bizarre descriptions I was hearing. I swear after 2 hours, I’d loved to have seen a picture of this cock and balls myself, as they were made out to be the most perfect specimens of male genitalia in all of humanity. So you too can have the balls of your dreams only an I.V. bag and a injection away……WTF is next I ask myself…..

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