Tuesday, January 20, 2015

This Is Gonna Hurt

Cock and ball torture can be pretty fun stuff. My cruel and devious mind has made more than one caller grimace and flinch as I describe in graphic detail just what I’d do to their manly bits if they were in front of me.

One I spoke to liked to pour very hot water over his cock, not out of the kettle hot, but as hot as it would come out of the tap hot, which can still be near scalding temperature. He said the tip would get so bright red from the hot water that it “Resembled the bud of an exotic flower.” How poetic……

I get right into these calls, I’d slap their dicks with the bottom of rubber soled slippers until they were wailing in pain. Want some burning from the inside out? I can arrange that. Q-Tips dipped in icy hot gel and inserted up the cock can deliver a frightening sensation that will last for days and nights on end.

Makes you wonder what sort of mind wants to inflict pain on their most tender of body parts. I for the life of me don’t get it. I would never want anyone to be torturing my clit, that sounds beyond horrible, yet it’s the same principal. Some just want their balls hurt, others only their cock, some both. Some go so far as to get into actual castration fantasies of actually cutting all their junk off once and for all. Now that’s a bit permanent, and if they did it, they’d never be able to enjoy the sensations of cock and ball torture again. It would be the end of it.

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